Business opportunity
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Business opportunity

Through the blessing of God, my daughter Andrea Tung was supposed to do further study on fashion design in England to extend her Ryerson University degree. On God’s arrangement, she got what she wants plus learning, training, and practicing with a bunch of aromatherapy practitioners in United Kingdom and Germany. I called her back to Canada because of H1N1 which I afraid of forced vaccination. After one month of deep thought, she decided to manufacture skin care products using the resources from the Garden of Eden.

We plan to use this farm to raise money to build gospel satellite TV broadcasting stations. My original idea was growing organic health food. It was a total disaster of loosing one thousand dollars worth of good quality seeds. The previous owner of this Garden has grown fifteen thousand trees, which he has not mentioned to us when we acquire this farm. A year later, on learning each tree worth one thousand dollars, we attempted to market the trees and have received quite a number of enquiries. We later found moving these trees costs more money than they are worth. There is no landscaper willing to take our contract with reasonable price.

The financial crises, H1N1, Sunday Law, earthquake, famine, and etc, made us speculate the return of Jesus is so imminent, that there is no means to gospel any more. Through the grace of God, there is delay. This is an errand for us to gospel with last effort. Andrea discovered God has already given us all the resources to raise enough money to gospel the world. We can use our plants to extract essential oil to manufacture natural skin care products. Essential oils are so precious that for example, one gram of rose oil is worth $50.00.

Christians are not supposed to wear cosmetic. Our products although classified as cosmetic is not really a cosmetic. While it gives beauty, it can protect skin and also have healing effect. My fingers, lips and heels usually cracks and bleed every winter. My heel skin were dry like cow hide, was sharp like knife can cut. It was so painful. After using her products, my skin is smooth and soft. The aroma on her products makes me feel joy all the time. Many skin care products in the market could give you same protection, but majority of them are using ingredients derived from petroleum products. The aromas are artificial. These inferior man made products could give adverse effect. That is why cosmetic manufacturers have to use animal testing. Natural ingredients although more expensive, is worth the value, as it is the material given by God. They are safe as it is known for thousands of years. Andrea’s products are in the trend of rediscovery as people are realizing the trouble of alternating nature.

Our brand called Fable Natural has several products already in production is available immediately. We are recruiting independent sales representatives and distributors in every city of the world. This could be part time or full time. We also co-operate with churches, and charitable organizations for fund raising. Special arrangements of terms are available. Anyone interested in this challenging opportunity can contact us at 905-625-9261 or send us an email on andreatung at

Contact address:
Eden plan c/o Hi-Tech Group, 5143 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1P1, Canada.
Tel: 905-625-9261 Email: