Standing hay for sale
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Organic hay for sale between
Dundalk and Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. See map.

Mixed hay of Brome, Orchard, Timothy and Alfalfa. It can be used on cows, lamb, dear, best for horses.

Buyer could buy 20 or 40 acres according to demand.

20 acres has 106 bales of 5ft diameter, 4 ft wide rolls. Each roll weights 900 lb. Can$12.00 per bale

Buyer must do own cutting, and transportation. We do not have equipment.

Price is negotiable. Volume available depending on climate. Price subject to change on demand.

Contact address:
Eden plan c/o Hi-Tech Group, 5143 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1P1, Canada.
Tel: 905-625-9261 Email: