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bulletWhite Pine, Norway Spruce, Cedar for sale.
bulletOver ten thousand healthy trees for you to choose.
bulletTree height from few feet to 20 feet.
bulletTree age from 1-15 years old.
bulletPlanted and taken care by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.
bulletMonitored against disease by Government of Canada.
bulletFit to transplant on landscaping.
bulletHigh quality Christmas tree.
bulletDistributors, retailers, landscapers, exporters welcome.
bulletPrice is negotiable.

Planting large trees could move the environment clock forward by many years. Chinese said, the ancestor plants the tree, and the descendants enjoy the shade. Why wait until you departed still have no shade.

Planting big trees in fact saves you money, because you are planting less number of them and do not have to trim them or remove them in the future.

A common problem is people planting trees too close and planting too many of them when they are small. While the trees grow up, they are struggling for space. The overlap area has no sunshine and withered. They end up are slender and tall trees. The bottom parts of trees are usually dead. Or if they are planted too close to a house, it could endanger your living quarter. You might have difficulty to apply tree removal licence because there is not enough reason to remove them. An alternative is you could trim your tree every year to keep it small. This is applicable only to certain type of trees.

If you plant small trees at appropriate distance, a minimum of 25 feet apart, you land could look empty for many years. A good size tree would take minimum 25 years to get mature.

Growth rate of young Norway Spruce is slow. 8 to 11 years are required to grow a 6-7 foot tree. A 15-year-old tree is still a young tree. Junior trees look ugly, and slim. The tip is orange brown colour, looks like a bottle washer brush. Mature tree could reach 130 to 215 feet. Growth rate could reach 3 feet per year. Diameter may reach two feet. Their life spans well pass 100 years. It is a prestige Christmas tree given as gift between countries.  

We also have White Pine, Cedar, Hawthorne, Choke Cherry, Maple, and variety of trees selling at $60 per foot. Buyer pays digging and shipping, for we do not have equipment at this moment. Price is negotiable for contractors. 

We have special package offer to buyer for free digging, delivery, and planting. Buyer must select the tree and pay in advance. When we have sold enough trees to pay for the equipment, we shall complete the transplant at no extra charge. Customer could request refund if they change their mind. We warranty your tree for two years. 

Our trees are disease free. They were grown and taken care of by government of Canada. Please contact us at 905-625-9261 or Email Web site

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White Pine                                                                 Cedar

Large Norway spruce

Large white pine

Small Norway Spruce                                    Small white pine

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