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Technically there isn’t much difference between Internet and digital TV. You can get low quality video on Internet through many websites. Bandwidth is the limitation of delivering video through Internet. Scientists are working hard to increase bandwidth on Internet such that they can sell IP phone and pay per view TV services.

Eden plan shall deliver TV on Internet simultaneously. We shall allow people who do not have dish installation still be able to watch our programs. In fact, this might be our first option before we launch satellite service.

In remote areas where there is no high-speed Internet or telephone services, people are still able to install satellite Internet for high-speed communication. Internet services are usually set a limit on upload speed to prevent customer abuse their system. The download speed is usually fast mainly depending on type of line used. Satellite TV practically is an Internet service with high uplink speed. For downloading, because it does not use cable or telephone lines, any people with proper dish installation can receive the signal.

Eden plans to launch a satellite Internet service prior launching the TV service. Selling enough Internet service to customer will enable us to pay the bill of leasing the band for TV as windfall profit.

Eden would like to cooperate with any people interested on doing satellite Internet service. Our partners could have no geographical limit.


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